Gary Shulman, MS. Ed.
Special Needs Consulting and Training


Interactive, special needs workshops for professionals and family members

These sessions are held at your school, agency or organization for a fee. Please contact me so we can discuss possible dates, times, topics and fee.


Needs, Wants Wishes and Dreams

Life can be difficult when caring for a child with a disability. This session will present all the support services that can bring relief.


The Stress of Caring for a Child with a Disability

We will share strategies for stress reduction.


Communicating with Parents

Learn about and share positive communication techniques as well as strategies of overcoming barriers to effective communication with parents.


Communicating with Professionals

Learn and share positive communication techniques with all the professionals in your life.


Communicating with Birth Parents and Case Planners (Foster Care)

This workshop is for Foster Parents who need to enhance their communication skills when interacting with birth parents and the support professionals in their lives.


Summertime and the Living is Easy

Explore the summer options for children, teens and adults with disabilities.


We All Belong

An overview of why the inclusion of children with disabilities into mainstream programs benefits all, when done with support, caring, kindness and compassion.


Transition to Adult Services

Explore the various options when transitioning to the world of adult services.


Children with Developmental Disabilities

Learn about: Developmental Milestones as well as supporting those children with developmental disabilities.


Recreation and Socialization

All children, teens and adults need to have fun. Let’s explore options.


Benefits and Entitlements

We will explore governmental and non-governmental support services, benefits and entitlements.


Stares, Glares and Hurtful Words

When your child is perceived to look or behave in a way that brings on unwanted attention from others, it can be uncomfortable. Let’s share strategies to educate, sensitize and react to these experiences.


Caring for Teens with Disabilities

The teen years have their own special difficulties and joys that can be intensified when the teen has a disability. Let’s explore the issues, resources and strategies.


Caring for Children with Attention Deficit Disorders

What is ADD? How do we maximize the abilities while dealing with the difficulties of caring for children with ADD?


Caring for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Let’s explore the joys and difficulties of caring for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.